Welcome to the Roehampton Human Rights Film Festival Home Page

Film is a powerful medium. It opens eyes to the world around us and touches and inspires audiences.

A growing number of film festivals dedicated to the promotion of human rights and dignity are springing up around the world we are just such a festival.

If press freedom  disappeared, so would most political accountability In this area, media ethics merges with issues of civil rights and politics.

We look beyond borders into the global realms of international film and media to bring you some of the most though provoking and inspirational films ever made. 
This the the place to find out any information about the 2011 organised, extended presentation of Human Rights Films at one or more of our  screening venues here at  The Roehampton University Duschene Building Cinema.

The Roehampton Human Rights Film Festival 2011 has a fantastic selection of films for public screening 

Our films this year include much hyped contemporary international releases like  Hip Hop is Bigger than the Occupation - 2011- Dir. Nana Dankwa as well as many other more established films that fall under the human rights genre.
This year we will also be screening a selected film created, directed, filmed & released by us here at Human Rights on Film 2011. 

Screenings for the Roehampton Human Rights Film Festival 2011  will all take place from Monday the 5th December until Saturday 10th December 2011.

Timetable and schedule for this event is available here

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain, educate & inform our fans.

We are excited about our performance week and hope to see you soon at a show soon!

 Take a look at our film festival schedule now

Roehampton Lane Roehampton, london

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